Bale Breaker / Shredder

Rotor diameter:

Working width:

Number of rotor blades:

Number of stator blades:

Drive motor: 

Hydraulic drive:

750 mm

2.000 mm

96 pcs.

5 pcs. / 10 pcs.

 2 x 37,0 kW – 2 x 75,0 kW; 1 x 50,0 kW

11,0 kW


The bale breaker / shredder has been designed for loosening heavy compacted bales or briquettes of post-consumer plastics, e.g. bottles or other units, as well as shredding of these materials.


After removing the packaging wire, the bales are transported into the storage funnel. A hydraulic arm pushes the material to a rotor equipped with knives. Depending on the execution the bales are going to be loosened to single units or in case of a screen cut to smaller pieces. The following dosing screw transports the material continuously and evenly. The transport can be done over conveyor belts, screw conveyors etc.