Ballistic Separator


Number of paddles:

Drive motor: 

L x W x H: 

L x W x H:

4 or 6 paddles / different screen sizes

4 pcs. / 6 pcs.

4,0 kW / 11 kW

8.100 mm x 1.780 mm x 4.000 mm

7.100 mm x 1.500 mm x 4.900 mm


The ballistic separator BS 4 – 6 separates 3D from 2D units of post-consumer plastics by moving paddles.


Light foreign materials such as foils are transported to the upper discharge of the shaking unit’s paddles by a combination of horizontal and vertical movements, where they fall into a container or bunker. Fine particles that are smaller than the adjusted sieve size fall through the shaking units onto a collecting belt and are also transported into a container. Those are mainly labels that have already been separated from the bottles, caps, sand, glass, stones and metal pieces. Inside the ballistics separator, the good material moves to the down-side and falls onto a collecting belt.