Bottle Washer

L x W x H:

Screw diameter:




Discharging screw:

3.950 mm x 2.200 mm x 4.260 mm

508 mm

12 mm


15,0 kW

5,5 kW


The bottle cleaner has a solid octagonal shaped body with an integrated screen in the bottom. An integrated vertical screw transports the material to the discharge hopper.


The bottle cleaner is made for rinsing of post-consumer packaging and removal of outside dirt like sand, mud and other adherences. Installed in front of the grinder, it expands the life of the knives and allows higher throughputs. In combination with the STF Label Scraper it can be integrated into the sorting section for better detection in the optical sorters and improvement of yield. The compact design with small footprint allows retrofits into existing systems.