Cutting Mill

Rotor diameter | Working width: 

Number of rotor blades:

Number of stator blades:

V-belt pulley, Rotor | Motor:

Drive motor | Screen perforation: 

Weight | L x W x H:

800 mm | 1.200 mm / 1.530 mm

10 piece on 5 cut bars, or 14 piece on 7 cut bars

4 piece on 2 cut bars

SPC 1000-8 | SPC 5000-8

90 – 160 kW | > 8 mm

~ 12.500 kg | ~ 2.750 mm x 2.900 mm x 4.290 mm



The ballistic separator BS 4 – 6 separates 3D from 2D units of post-consumer plastics by moving paddles.


E.g. foils are transported to the upper discharge of the shaking units paddles by a combination of horizontal and vertical movements, where they fall into a container / bunker. Fine particles that are smaller than the adjusted sieve size fall through the shaking units onto a collecting belt and are also transported into a container. Those are mainly labels that have already been separated from the bottles, caps, sand, glass, stones and metal pieces. Inside the ballistics separator, the complete material move to the down-side and fall onto a collecting belt.