Double Air-Stream Separator

Working width: 

Screw diameter:

L x W x H:

Power screw:

Power blower:

Power rotary valve:

2x 630 mm / 2x 170 mm

280 mm

4.000 mm x 2.300 mm x 7.040 mm

1.5 kW

3x 7.5 kW

3x 0.75 kW

Technical process description

In the vertical air-stream separator, the PET and PO flakes are separated from other materials contained in the mill output like labels, paper, dust and other suspended matter. The material gets into the vertical air-stream separator through a cyclone with rotary valve. The PET and PO flakes fall down and are transported to the next station with the help of a blower. The lightweight particles are vacuumed off the top and are blown to the next station. The zig zag form provides a continuous stirring of the material, which makes it possible to vacuum off the fine particles completely. Selectivity can be adjusted via a frequency converter. A filter bag can be connected to the supply air bend which is mounted on the cyclone.