Friction Cleaner

Rotor diameter | Length:

Rotor blades:

Power Transmission:

Driving motor:

Screen perforation:

Weight | L x W x H:

800 mm | 1.800 mm

87 pieces

5 pieces v-belts profile SPA (Red-Power)

37 / 30 / 22 kW

1 – 5 mm

~ 2400 kg | ~ 2.700 mm x 2.000 mm x 2.200 mm


The self-cleaning Friction Cleaner Type FR 800-2000 has been de-veloped especially for the cleaning of flakes from post-consumer plastics. Because of the high rotor rotation speed the output material obtains hardly any residual moisture.


The centrifugal forces within the Friction Cleaner cause by means of a screen the separation of liquid components from solids. The liquid part is stored in a drain tray, which is integrated in the base frame and is conveyed via pump. The dried flakes can be transported by blowers or screws.