Turn-Key Plastic Recycling Plants

STF engineers and manufactures complete turn-key sorting plants for post-consumer packaging plastics. Our machinery is designed for the processing of material that is either lose or compacted to bales. Most of the machines are manufactured in house and have been tested in our own production. They are optimized for low energy, water and chemical consumptions to get the best quality, durability and a fast return on investment for our customers. Metal separation systems and optical sorting units of well-known suppliers are fully integrated by STF. 

STF’s own designed washing systems are known for the lowest consumption of energy, water, chemicals and low labour requirements in the industry. All machines are engineered and manufactured in house. The final products after processing are cleansed, separated, and ready-to-sell PET flakes for different applications (e.g. production of fibres, foils or preforms) and PO fraction and labels that are packaged in big bags. Circulation systems are reusing the washing water and sophisticated treatment plants reduce water discharge and guarantees dischargeable contamination levels.