Data sheet Ballistic Separator


Number of paddles:

Drive motor:

L x W x H:

L x W x H:

4 or 6 paddles / different screen sizes

4 pcs. / 6 pcs.

4,0 kW / 11,0 kW

8.100 mm x 1.780 mm x 4.000 mm

7.100 mm x 1.500 mm x 4.900 mm


The ballistic separator BS 4 – 6 separates 3D from 2D units of post-consumer plastics by moving paddles.


E.g. foils are transported to the upper discharge of the shaking units paddles by a combination of horizontal and vertical movements, where they fall into a container / bunker. Fine particles that are smaller than the adjusted sieve size fall through the shaking units onto a collecting belt and are also transported into a container. Those are mainly labels that have already been separated from the bottles, caps, sand, glass, stones and metal pieces. Inside the ballistics separator, the complete material move to the downside and fall onto a collecting belt.

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Data sheet Ballistic Separator