Separating Unit

Flow rate controll: 

Flow measurement:

Material pumps: 


L x W x H:

FU regulated pumps as well as electro-pneumatical gates

magnetically inductive flow measurement system

2 x 2,0 kW

4,0 kW

approx. 4.300 mm x 2.500 mm x 5.800 mm


The separating stage has been developed especially for the purpose of separating different kinds of grinded plastic flakes according to its density. The method of working to separate the plastics trough the density enables a high and continuous throughput rate.


The separating unit works as a continuous process according to the density separation process. Thereby, substances with different densities can be separated in connection with a separating medium, whose density lies between the densities of the separating substances. Common examples are PET/PO, PVC/PO, PS/PO, with the separation medium water. Other separation medium, e.g. salty waters are possible.

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Separating Unit