PET recycling by STF
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PET bottle recycling

With the ecological processing of resources, we take care of the environment. Four essential production steps guarantee for the sustainability and the high ecological efficiency:

  • homogenous separation
  • production of high-quality milling goods

Download our current product data sheets here to find out more about our specifications.

PET - Flakes

STF Recycling GmbH processes all PET bottles that are compressed to bales or briquettes. The results are cleaned and separated, ready-to-sell PET flakes and a mixed PO fraction. Simple handling enables the packaging in Big Bags or, if desired, the bulk loading into silo trucks.

In order to be processed to flakes, the PET bottles have to pass through a complex and multi-stage procedure:

1. Material introduction
2. Cutting and turbo washing
3. Cleaning and washing process
4. Separation stage
5. PET post-processing

Contract manufacturing

Contact us if you have questions, suggestions and wishes concerning contract manufacturing!
Waste is turned into raw materials: In order to complete our offer range, we additionally provide the service of contract manufacturing.

Our know-how

  • Separating and sorting of mixed leftovers according to quality and colour
  • Removal of foils and other compounds
  • Dismounting of other parts
  • Cold grinding of materials ranging from powder to coarse material
  • Demetallization
  • Packaging into Big Bags