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Disposal of PET waste

PET packagings are not only more and more used for beverage bottles. There is also an increasing use of PET for containers for soaps, cosmetics, detergents, pharmaceutical products or technical fillers.

STF Recycling GmbH helps you with the disposing of all kinds of PET waste.


STF Recycling GmbH is one of Europe's biggest recyclers and devours 54,000 tons of recyclable PET bottles per year. Our purchasing department is looking forward to your contacting and offers you fair prices for your used plastics.

Do not hesitate to contact us!


Used packagings are our raw materials. For our customers, we make high-quality flakes and regenerated materials out of them. Your PET bottles are disposed of and utilized environmentally friendly, cost-saving and effective.

You can see some of our awards from approved inspection authorities here.


Our focus lies on processing PET bottles to flakes. Another machining step - the processing to regenerated PET - is planned for the near future.

We want to make the next step and produce regenerated PET already in the near future.


A modern recycling management needs new concepts that are based on a correct legal groundwork. Long-term experiences and versatile cooperations form the base of our service range and the excellent quality of our products because recycling also is a matter of confidence. We convince our customers with offering high-quality regrinds as a new raw material for the plastics processing industry.

Recovery of raw materials

Used products are our raw materials which we process to high-quality regrinds for the plastics industry. Therefore, used PET bottles are our capital. So please do not throw away your empty PET bottles, but bring them to one of the numerous disposal stations and help to preserve the environment!