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Why choose STF?


We are early adopters

We have always chosen paths that noone dared to go before, as pioneers do. We conquered the recycling market and became a technology leader in our field. When the first PET bottles were introduced, we started developing solutions to create new raw materials from them. Since 2008, we‘ve been producing highly pure resin that fulfils all EFSA requirements, which is why we claim credit for the initial creation of Closed Loop systems. Our experience paves the road for the creation of perfect solutions for all challenges along the material reuse cycle.

As we have always strived to be one step ahead of everyone, we regularly set milestones in the field of plastics recycling. We actively live Closed Loop to its perfection. The entire stream of materials is recycled, starting from the bottles snd including collection bag films and labels. And we don‘t stop there yet: Even screen residues are sorted and recycled, as well as abrasion dust. It‘s only the mud that has no further use yet.


We place milestones


We stand for quality

We offer highly pure, first-class materials only. Our flakes are sought after worldwide for their excellent quality, with our name being your guarantee. All products are tested as thoroughly as possible in our own, well-equipped laboratories in cooperation with renowned external parties. Every good leaving our house can be traced to its provenance, as every single Big Bag is imprinted with a tracking QR code which allows for digital record-keeping along the production process. Lots of well-known international brand owners have been trusting us for decades.

„We make it possible“ – that is our motto for plant and machinery engineering. Our Recycling Division is collaborating closely with the Plant Engineering and Heavy Machinery Division in order to provide matching solutions for our customers‘ applications fast. This level of integration allows for faster and more agile reactions to changes in the market than would be possible for fellow market participants. Our experience is your advantage!


We recycle everything


We recycle environment-ally friendly

Sustainability is pertinent in current times. We are not an ordinary recycler, but prove a recipe for „green“ recycling. That‘s why we are certified for sustainability (ISO 9001, 14001, 50001) and have fixed our goals to be the greatest possible material recovery ratio, the least possible waste and minimization of emissions as well as water and chemical use.

STF Group unifies recycling, engineering and services in one organization. That is your profit: Regardless of the matter, we are your suitable flexible partner. We are also the only company doing all recycling steps in-house (sorting, washing, granulation and extrusion).


We are your only contact for all matters

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Industriestr. 1-3, 94529 Aicha vorm Wald, Germany

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