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As little material as possible, as much as needed

Use of recycled material

Saving resources

Contractual processing

Recycling of single-variety film residues

Certified energy management

We are certified as DIN EN ISO 5001:2018 compliant

Products and production

We extrude thermoforming foils and sheets from polystyrene virgin material, polystyrene regrind or mixtures of both of them with machine smooth surfaces by using mono- or co-extrusion. Polystyrene virgin material, for example, is available in all RAL standard colors, pantone colors or according to the customers’ specifications.

All of our products are suitable for recycling – without any exception. We offer our customers to take back or purchase production waste and surplus materials for rework. In all of our actions we have always focused on the preservation of precious resources and an optimal value creation by recycling the material.


Deep-drawing and vacuum forming companies operating in sectors like e.g. gardening, automotive or technical packaging have been part of our client base for more than four decades.

Plastic can convince customers always and everywhere. We are pleased to advise you and we will find the suitable foil for your requirements.


For our thermoplastic semi-finished products, we only accept the highest quality standards. This means that the quality of our products is of first priority to us. All of our processes are verified continuously so we can guarantee the consistent high quality of our goods. Therefore, the raw material for the fabrication of the semi-finished products is subject to strictest quality criteria. During production, our employees are steadily paying attention to the final product and continuously checking thickness, color and surface of the thermoforming foils. By doing so, we can guarantee that only the best products leave our premises. All processes in our company are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, we promise you absolute satisfaction!


Topics our company cares deeply about are the protection of the environment as well as sustainability. We are convinced that every person can contribute an important part to sustainability by their own actions. We as a medium-sized company of course want to be involved in this process noticeably.

During production, resources like energy and raw materials are used in a gentle and efficient way. Our energy management certificate according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 officially confirms that we are acting this way. Also, we process a big amount of recyclates so that there is no need to use fossil resources in addition.

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